How to get in touch with Google Adsense/admob official customer service? Correct posture to open Google Help Center entrance?

Hello everyone, this is the adsense encyclopedia ( In recent years, Google has been reducing labor costs, so we have fewer and fewer channels to contact Google’s human customer service. Many times we need to contact Google’s official talent. solve some problems. Whenever we open the [Contact Us] at the bottom of the Help Center, whether it is in English or Chinese, it will set up some obstacles for us.

When we open the request booklet entry, click [Contact Us] to enter the question.

Continue to the last step according to the problem orientation. However, there is no entry for an online customer service chat or email contact.
In the end, we were directed to the official forum (community) by the Google system. We all know that there are no official personnel in the official community to deal with and answer questions here. It is the folk “Non-Google employees” who are doing some mechanical answers. Completely solve some problems of users, after all, they are not official personnel, and they will not have any authority to deal with some problems of operation.

When we switched the language of the page to English, the contact entry finally appeared.

When clicking online chat or email, the system prompts: Something went wrong. Please try again.

Chinese meaning: something went wrong. please try again.

At this point, you may be a little discouraged. If you need to urgently contact the official to solve your problem, there is no contact entrance. You can contact us to open the entry for contacting Google’s corresponding enterprise email work order on your behalf (of course, this service is not required ), such as adsense help center, admob help center, google pay help center, etc.