Adsense ads are restricted by invalid traffic, how long does it take for adsense advertising restrictions to recover?

This is the adsense encyclopedia. We have published many articles on the problem of invalid traffic in AdSense in the past two years. Today we mainly explain the latest invalid traffic restrictions in 2023. We have an adsense account that was suddenly restricted by invalid traffic on May 22. Yes, after 10 days of storage, I went to check it, and it was completely restored. For details, please watch the video link below.

The time limit for this invalid traffic limit is about 10 days. We did not track the specific time. We received a notification on May 22 that it was restricted. We only checked the account on June 1 and found that the advertisement can be displayed normally and the restriction prompt disappeared.

It is predicted that the restriction time will be about 7 days, which is the shortest restriction time so far. In the past, it took about a month to recover in some cases.

As Google continues to adjust and upgrade, the situation may also change, and we will continue to update the latest situation.