Regarding the account weight of adsense/admob advertising monetization, the “Adsense Alliance” analyzes and reveals the secrets from a professional perspective

Over the years, both experienced Google practitioners and beginners have some “unwritten” sayings, that is, the issue of account weight.

Some people think that Adsense/admob accounts in the United States have high weight, while accounts in China have low weight;

Some people think that accounts with old accounts, many years of payment history, and normal use have high weights, while new accounts have low weights;

Some people think that high-quality traffic (private domain) (traffic from developed countries in Europe and the United States) has a high weight, while traffic from Southeast Asia and China has a low weight;

Finally, some people think that the issue of account weight is a metaphysics that is not specific and depends entirely on luck.

So, do Google AdSense, AdMob and even Google play developer accounts have any weight?

Why do some accounts suddenly lose their rights and the unit price cannot be raised again?

Is it a problem with the country and region of Google adsense, admob, and play developer accounts, or is it other factors?

Are the old account and the new account really so different? Some old adsense accounts have intermittently invalid traffic restrictions, while new accounts have no invalid traffic restrictions after being used for several months.

Today, the author of the “Adsense Encyclopedia” will analyze and explain the controversy surrounding the above issues based on his more than ten years of experience (the article is for paid reading, please ignore it if you are a free prostitute).

Do accounts in developed countries such as the United States (Google’s home base) have a higher weight than Chinese accounts?

Does the old account have a higher weight than the new account? I’m particularly prone to traffic restrictions. The old account has been restricted for a long time, and the current restrictions have become much better. The new account has been limited for a while. Is it an issue with the account weight?

Why is it that the old account was fine, but suddenly its traffic was restricted or the unit price suddenly dropped a lot, while the new account or other accounts are normal?

For accounts that have been maliciously clicked or punished for invalid traffic, the CPC unit price cannot be increased and the click-through rate is also low. What’s going on?

How to cultivate weight, and what should you pay attention to to maintain high-quality weight for your account?

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