What should I do if Google AdSense is maliciously clicked? Will the account be banned if the website advertisement is maliciously clicked?

Here is the AdSense Encyclopedia. Malicious clicks in 2023 will make it difficult for adsense accounts to be blocked. At most, it is a temporary invalid traffic restriction. Our websites are often clicked maliciously, and we have long been accustomed to being restricted, without any impact. You can refer to the following article.(The article language is Chinese)


If you are a normal website owner and the adsense advertisement on the website is found to be maliciously clicked (through the adsense background, the click data is found to be obviously abnormal), don’t panic at this time, just to be on the safe side, report to Adsense; click the exclusive link below.


Fill out the [Invalid Clicks Contact Form]

According to the prompts, fill in the account payee name, email address, pub number, and the website that was maliciously clicked, as shown in the figure below

The picture language is Chinese

Then select the topic, choose to report abnormal activities in the account, and fill in the date when the malicious click occurred;

Describe the general behavior of malicious clicks. The last column provides the ip addresses that may lead to malicious clicks. It needs to be analyzed in combination with website access logs + statistical tools to list some of the most suspicious ips. As shown below.

The ip perpetrator of this malicious click belongs to the Anyang area of Henan Province, and used Hong Kong agent + Anyang local ip malicious repeated click behavior.

While reporting abnormal clicks, we will also block and block the entire ip segment of the suspicious ip found, and then users of the entire ip segment will not be able to access all of our servers; since 2022, our websites have been enabled With the function of restricting access by ip, any suspicious visitors and malicious users will be continuously blocked.