Google play developer registration requires identity verification, Google developers Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom verify identity solutions

Starting in 2021, newly registered Google developer accounts will need to be authenticated in most overseas countries and regions before applications can be published.

In the past, developers such as the United States did not require authentication to register a developer account. Now, authentication is required. Is there a problem with my account?

A: Google authentication is the latest measure launched by Google in 2021. At present, accounts in overseas countries such as google play/adsense/admob have been enforced, and most old accounts do not need to be verified at present. We understand that some older accounts will also require verification of US identity in 2021, and we believe that verification measures may be fully implemented in the future.

Google developers do not need to worry about certification when they encounter certification, they can find a professional team to solve it. Of course, don’t try blind authentication, because the number of authentications is limited. If the submitted certificate fails multiple verifications, it will lose the verification qualification and Google will close the verification portal. At this point, your developer account will be invalid, because without verifying your identity, you will not be able to not only list your app, but also receive payments.

If you need to solve the google play US verification problem urgently, you can contact me for consultation.