How to judge adsense invalid clicks, what are the characteristics of invalid clicks, cpc click prices in various countries

This is the adsense encyclopedia, a problem that users of Google publishers (adsense website advertising monetization business) often encounter is the problem of invalid traffic and invalid clicks. What are invalid clicks? Invalid clicks in a broad sense are: the ad clicks that occur are not caused by the user’s instinctive will; invalid clicks in a narrow sense are: Google’s invalid filtering system determines that clicks are invalid (calculated by Google through complex algorithms).

Next, we will explain the characteristics and behavior of invalid clicks through payment methods, and how to judge whether there are invalid clicks in the account.

cpc click price in each country?

What is the normal click cpc price for Chinese traffic? What is the unit price range of cpc clicks for normal Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan traffic? CPC unit price data with normal traffic in Southeast Asian countries? What is the cpc unit price for traffic in European and American countries?

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