adsense authentication: I'm having trouble verifying my identity

I live and work in Berlin, Germany, I’m a software developer, and I have a valid visa in my passport, but when I took it to verify my identity, Google gave me a reason: “The type of document you’re submitting is not Supported. Please provide another type of file”.
What should I do to verify my identity with my valid visa?

A: For identity verification, I think it is necessary to match the country in the document with the country in the AdSense account, so if it is to verify an individual account, the name, address, age, country, etc. must be consistent.

Certification documents:

They don’t give much specifics, but if your passport provides a different address than the one in your AdSense account, this could be a problem. You may need to provide a document (as described on the page linked above) that also lists your current address, so it could be a bank statement, utility bill, lease agreement, etc.