Your site is not yet ready to display ads – move from site A to site B (site A has been approved)

I submitted an adsense review on site A ( and it has been approved by AdSense and the site is working fine.
Then I registered a new domain name and moved my data content to Site B ( This is a copy of the content data from Site A, plus some additional new content. I have now read and understood that in order for Site B to be approved, I need to remove the copied content from Site A.
Site A is a wordpress site, so I changed all posts to private. After doing this, I resubmitted my actual website (Site B), but it was rejected again.

So maybe Google has a cached version of site A (which I’ve basically deleted by now). How can I check? I also removed Site A from AdSense. So I can’t figure out what’s preventing Site B from getting AdSense. I can’t get the details of the reason for the rejection, or what changes I can make to get Google’s approval, since Site A was approved based on the same data, which has now been deleted, but the data is visible in Site B.


Site A is still a live site and still has pages indexed in Google Search. Of course, they can’t be accessed other than the home page, but they’re still searchable. FYI: The fact that content was previously approved at a different URL has nothing to do with whether it will be approved again. Applying with a different URL is the same as the first application, and the Adsense approval criteria are regularly changed {more stringent}.