Today our own marketing website application for adsense was also rejected

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in the United States in March this year, the difficulty of adsense review has always reached a historical peak; whether it is an excellent website or an inferior website, Google has refused our account or website application on the grounds that the review has been suspended due to the epidemic or that the review intensity has reached the upper limit.

Our service marketing website was also rejected when applying for adsense recently, so it really depends on luck when applying for an account now. It is estimated that it will take a long time for Google to restore it in the future. review.

The most recent reason for rejection is “The review capacity limit has been reached”. Although we have a solution, it is still very annoying. If your account review has always been prompted by this, and you want to pass the approval of adsense earlier, then you can Let us do it, and you can contact us through our adsense marketing website .

The following is a collection of topics and information we have prepared for you

[Beginner’s Guide] Google Adsense registration, payment via PIN, policy management

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