Linking YouTube channels leads to account banning, and multiple YouTube channels are suspended due to linking

This is the AdSense encyclopedia. The problem of Google business account association has always been the first thing some senior players have to avoid in the past; most bloggers who do youtube self-media do not focus on account issues, and the focus of self-media is on content direction and creative direction. , The direction of traffic acquisition; knowledge of risk control and technology is not the focus of this group, so it is often this group that steps on the most pitfalls.

We regret to inform you that we have terminated your channel because we believe it is related to a channel that was suspended due to three or more copyright strikes.

Please note that unless the associated channel is reinstated, your access to, possession of, or creation of any other YouTube accounts will be prohibited. As shown below

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How to prevent association between YouTube channel and adsense? Will logging into multiple different channels on one computer cause the account to be deactivated?

Is it safe to log in to multiple different accounts with one computer and one VPN without being temporarily blocked (no other problems)?

What is the anti-association means of youtube channel project science? If you want to view the answers to questions, you need to pay to read.
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