adsense needs to verify your phone number, please enter a valid HK phone number, starting with the country code

This is the Adsense Encyclopedia. In the past, the phone verification of google adsense and admob was not mandatory to be consistent. No matter which country the account is registered in, you can use the phone number of any country for SMS or phone verification. After the new rules in 2023 , When you newly register adsense and admob, you need to verify by phone. If you are a Hong Kong (HK) account, you cannot use the +86 number in mainland China for verification; you must enter the phone number +852, otherwise the system will not pass it and will block it. As shown in Figure.

After the new rules in 2019, newly registered adsense accounts in the United States must be verified by the phone number of the United States +1, and accounts in the UK must be verified by the phone number of the UK +44. Registration of accounts in areas commonly used by Chinese people such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong cannot be verified by a Chinese phone number of +86.
We will continue to update in this article for more information on phone verification of attribution.