How to use a Google adsense/admob/play developer account in Hong Kong for U.S. tax information w-8ben to declare preferential tax rates

Google adsense/admob/play developer Hong Kong account U.S. w-8ben tax declaration fails, prompting that the document cannot be verified

Google’s US tax information has been repeated, but will the process plan we submitted and passed before will always be effective?

The answer is no. Before that, the YouTube adsense, admob, and Google play developer tax in Hong Kong could be directly verified by submitting a certificate from mainland China.

After 2022, if an account in Hong Kong submits U.S. tax information to apply for a reduced tax rate, it will not be possible to submit a Chinese certificate.

The reasons are as follows: Hong Kong is not in the tax treaty country/region of the relevant US authorities, as shown in the figure below.

Therefore, even if the account in Hong Kong is filled in according to the information in China, there will be cases where the tax cannot pass the audit.

If you still want to pass the tax audit according to the normal preferential tax rate, you can contact our paid service, we will provide a formal process to help you pass the preferential tax rate audit in Hong Kong.

At present, the adsense business tax rate in Hong Kong is 0%, the YouTube business tax rate is 10%, and the developer play Hong Kong tax rate is 10%.

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