What is the biggest risk of earning YouTube income in 2023? What are the common reasons why adsense is closed?

In the past two years, I have encountered many innocent Youtube self-media bloggers who have been banned. Most of them are channel content compliance, and everything is running normally, without any copyright disputes and complaints. The good profit was terminated. After a closer look, the problem lies in the Google AdSense account associated with YouTube.

Click on the second step of the profit page to prompt: your associated adsense account has been suspended due to invalid click activities or other policy reasons, as shown in the figure below.

The picture language is Chinese

Then enter the adsense account, Google has closed your account.

Learn more about account closures, or go to the Payouts page to see if you can get your final payment.

This means that you can click on the [Receipt] page to see whether adsense can pay you the account balance that has not been paid when the account is blocked. Under normal circumstances, if the income is billed and the account shows the balance, in this case the blocked account has a certain chance to continue to pay you the money. If the date when the account is blocked is the 30th of the month, then the 30-day income will definitely not be obtained. As shown below

The picture language is Chinese

Generally, the adsense account of the YouTube channel is closed and disabled, and there are probably several reasons.

The specific reason needs to be checked for a fee. If you need it, please visit the following website https://www.ggadsense.com/news/shownews.php?id=261(The language of the linked article is Chinese, please read after translation)

If you want to get in touch with me for assistance (commercial fee), my contact email is [email protected]