[Your site is not ready to display ads] We found some violations on your site, which means your site is not ready to display ads

Hello everyone, this is the AdSense encyclopedia en.ggadsense.com. With the involution of the domestic Internet, more and more old people and newcomers want to try to go overseas to dig for gold.

When we apply to open google adsense, we often face various rejection problems. Whenever we see the reasons for rejection given by Google, it leaves us confused.

Today, the editor will explain to you the real reasons for various rejection reasons;

Adsense common rejection reason 1: low-value content, as shown below.

Low-value content is often because your website content is not sufficient, the content of the website is pieced together, and there is no stickiness. So Google thinks your website content is worthless and won’t join through your application.

Adsense common rejection reason 2: We do not allow ads served by Google to be displayed on screens with the following characteristics: (as shown below)

We don’t allow Google-served ads to appear on screens with the following characteristics:

Contains embedded content, or content copied from others, without adding commentary or curated text, or otherwise adding value to the content. In addition, you must comply with our policy on intellectual property abuse.

(This reason for rejection actually refers to plagiarized content, repeated Internet content. Google supports content similar to the secondary editing of YouTube, but if you directly copy the content on the Internet, such a prompt will appear, and it will not pass the review. )

Three common rejection reasons for adsense: The website is offline or cannot be accessed, as shown in the figure below.

We found that your website is offline or inaccessible. It is recommended that you check your submitted URL for spelling errors in your application. Once your site is back up and running, you can resubmit your application. We will be more than happy to re-review your application.

(Many friends have this kind of rejection prompt, obviously the website can be accessed and can be submitted repeatedly. There is only one reason for rejection given by Google each time: the website is offline or cannot be accessed; generally, it is because Google’s audit crawler cannot access your website. , so it will prompt that the website cannot be accessed. Often the website with this prompt has no major problem with the content. As long as the “website is offline or inaccessible” is solved, it can generally successfully pass the adsense review.)

Four common rejection reasons for adsense: Displaying Google-served ads on screens that do not contain publisher content, we do not allow Google-served ads to be displayed on screens with the following characteristics:

has no content or contains low-value content;
still under construction;
For reminder, navigation or other behavioral purposes.

This kind of prompt refers to the fact that your website has no content, which is generally common in newly-built websites. Or the website has been built for a long time, but there is no sufficient and valuable content, see Question 1: Content with no value.

The above are the 4 common reasons for rejection of Google AdSense and their analysis and solutions. As long as you are serious about building a website and have enough accumulation, your website will always pass Google’s review. Taking shortcuts, it is very difficult to successfully join Adsense in 2022.

The answer and analysis of this issue is here. You can follow our YouTube Chinese channel (AdSense Encyclopedia), and we will bring more content you want to know in the future.

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