Your associated adsense account has been disabled due to invalid click activity or other policy reasons / YouTube Adsense has been banned for no reason / What happened to YouTube AdSense?

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We all know that it is not easy for a YouTube channel to go from initial operation to profit-generating state.

After a qualified YouTube channel complies with various content specifications, is it safe to sit back and relax? The answer is that mishaps happen from time to time.

In many cases, a small detail will cause the channel that we have worked so hard to operate for several months or even years to be invalid, and the countless profit balances on the account will be lost.

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If the adsense associated with the YouTube channel is banned, it will prompt: Your associated adsense account has been disabled due to invalid click activity or other policy reasons)

Step on pit one:

Step on the pit two:

We can’t directly access the tubing, so we will use a variety of methods, and many people may buy some popular tools (we are inconvenient to describe here).

The same IP address is used by others, you are also using it, and even many individuals are using it. This principle is somewhat similar to the principle of collecting PIN codes, as we also mentioned in the last video,

The reason why many people’s channels fail to pass the second step of generating income is also because of these. Any pollution of your data or surfing environment will invisibly affect the security of your account.

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