What should I do if the number of ads I can show is limited due to “invalid traffic” and is there a solution?

Dunang has mentioned the problem of invalid traffic restriction and the recovery scheme in an earlier article (article https://www.ggadsense.com/news/shownews.php?id=54 ;)

After two years of development, this solution no longer works 100% of the time. Sometimes we remove the ad code for 2 months and still have not resumed ad display, or resume ad display for less than a week and continue to restrict.

At this time we often think of a new account, yes! It is true that it is good to re-register an account, but if you are in regular business and want to continue advertising with your original domain name, can you also change your account?

The answer is yes, you can. The following chart.

Our marketing website ads big league en.ggadsense.com, in the previous A account has been repeatedly restricted advertising, repeatedly prompted by invalid traffic.

After further thought, we removed the site (en.ggadsense.com) in the original account, and then re-registered B account, B account audit through the en.ggadsense.com later, the ads are displayed normally, temporarily not restricted. The following figure.

If you think I share this is not bad, you can go try.

Emphasize one point! You remove the restricted site in the A account, whether you can successfully use the site to register B account I do not guarantee; with the site after the successful registration of B account will be associated with the A account, I do not guarantee and explain! We are not responsible for all the consequences of trying this program, the above program is for reference only! We also do not have any obligation to answer to any netizen.