What should I do if the google account I just registered has been deactivated, and the login gmail prompts that the account has been deactivated?

In the process of large-scale registration of google accounts

Shortly after registering a google account (gmail mailbox), we log in again, and there may be cases where we cannot log in to the account or even get banned (the account has been deactivated). Google will prompt the following:

This account appears to be linked to multiple other accounts, or created by a program, which violates google’s policy, if you think this is wrong, please try to restore your account by submitting a review request, we know you The data in your account is very important, so you can download data for some google services.

So, if you get banned by Google, is there any help?

The answer is salvageable. The premise is that you click and try to restore within a short time after Google’s account is banned. Generally, it will be restored successfully after receiving the email in about 1-2 days. Of course, there are some cases where it cannot be restored. If Google has not reinstated the appeal for a long time after disposing of your account, it is difficult for the appeal to be successful. At this time, the only option is to give up.

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