How to prevent association when registering multiple Google accounts (gmail), and how to avoid being judged by Google as the same person

Here is the Adsense Encyclopedia. Although I cannot provide real-time information on basic account anti-association methods, the basic registration principles and privacy protection methods are usually not outdated. To prevent Google from treating your multiple accounts as the same account, you can take the following measures (for reference only):

While these measures can help reduce the likelihood that Google will identify multiple accounts as the same, they don’t completely eliminate the risk. Google has advanced user identification technology. If a user violates Google’s usage policy or privacy policy, the account may still be closed.

Preventing being identified as the same account requires following some best practices when registering for a Google account to ensure that your account is not considered a duplicate by Google or violates its usage policies. These steps help ensure that your account is unique and complies with Google’s requirements:

  1. Use a different mobile phone number: When registering a Google account, please use the mobile phone number previously used for other accounts first. Reusing the same phone number may cause Google to treat the accounts as the same user.
  2. Use a different email address: Avoid using an email address that is already associated with another Google account. Using a different email address can help ensure that your accounts are treated as separate entities.
  3. Avoid shared devices: If possible, avoid registering multiple Google accounts on the same device. Google may link multiple accounts together, so it’s best to use different devices to register.
  4. Use different IP addresses when registering: Try to avoid registering multiple accounts under the same IP address. If you register in a public place, other users may register accounts under the same IP address, which may cause Google to link the accounts.
  5. Do not use virtual machines or proxy servers: The use of virtual machines and proxy servers may cause Google to treat multiple accounts as the same entity. Therefore, it is best to use a real device and network to register an account.
  6. Be compliant: Comply with Google’s Terms of Service and Usage Policies. Violation of these regulations may result in your account being banned or restricted.
  7. Trusted Devices: After signing up for an account, marking your device as a “trusted device” will help Google identify your commonly used devices and reduce the risk of your account being mistaken for the same account.
  8. Do not log in to multiple accounts at the same time: Avoid logging in to multiple Google accounts in a short period of time to prevent being mistaken for the same user switching between different accounts.
  9. Line use of shared Google services: If you use some shared Google services (such as Google Drive), please make sure to only log in to one account when using these services.
  10. Pay attention to personal information protection: Avoid using the same personal information, such as usernames and avatars, in different Google accounts.

Overall, the key is to make sure your account registration information is up to date and in compliance with Google’s usage rules. Google’s system uses a number of criteria to determine whether accounts are the same entity, so make sure you’re acting in compliance. If you’re a legitimate user and follow the rules, you usually don’t have too many problems.