There is no data for YouTube revenue in adsense, when does Youtube pay for the payment, how to check the profitable channel revenue report

Many of our friends who have newly opened YouTube channel (youtube channel) will have a question, that is, there are a lot of broadcasts every day, but why the balance (income data) in the adsense account has not changed, why is this? What’s the matter? Could there be a problem with my account?

A: Since 2020, Google has made an official adjustment. Adsense no longer displays YouTube revenue indicators. To understand YouTube channel revenue, please check the “Revenue” report of YouTube data analysis .

When will the YouTube channel revenue be settled to the adsense account balance? The balance is always 0.

A: Last month’s YouTube final revenue will be credited to your AdSense account between the 7th and 10th of this month. After the payment is credited to your adsense balance, as long as the payment conditions are met and the payment is not suspended, on the 22nd of this month Adsense will automatically make payment to you around the day, please wait patiently for the progress of Google’s process.

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