Objective analysis of Chinese adsense account collection may be "resurrected"

Recently, many adsense webmaster publishers have received survey emails about payment methods with the subject line: google adsense Please tell us how you would like to be paid.

We all know that since the end of 2019, the Western Union of adsene mainland has been unable to collect money. Even if China Everbright Bank in some areas collects money, it is still difficult. It is also an official Google adsense certificate, an employment contract, and a personal income tax. . . Some even let you make foreign exchange declarations.

We all know that there are not a few adsense publishers in the whole China. Most of the publishers in China send emails to google every few days because of payment problems. Before, Google could only provide you with a stamped online agreement at most. There are still many domestic banks who do not buy it. At this time, Google is considering readjusting the payment method. In August 2020, adsense sent a mass email to all adsense accounts in China. The new account no longer supports Western Union, and the old one The account will also stop using Western Union in early 2021 at the latest. At that time, we guessed that Google might launch a new payment method.

The payment methods for survey voting are basically: bank transfer, paypal, Payoneer, TransferWise

That is to say, google adsense may add one of the following payment methods in the future (bank transfer, paypal, Payoneer, TransferWise)

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[Beginner’s Guide] Google Adsense registration, payment via PIN, policy management

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