How to change the adsense account for youtube (youtube) profit, can you change the adsense collection account?

Many friends who are YouTubers will think of changing and tying adsense accounts for various reasons, but they have no practical experience and dare not toss. Today I will tell you about it with practice.

First go to the channel monetization overview, scroll to the bottom of the page, youtube partner program matters,

The first column on the left, adsense account, we will see a change at the bottom, we can click on the change to go to the next step, at this time, do not click on the right to exit the youtube partner program.

After all, YouTube profit is a business plan, and changing the account for receiving payment involves sensitive operations, so you need to re-enter the password and other security verification, and then you will be redirected to a page, prompting [replace the existing adsense account, or re-register a new adsense account], This should be selected according to your actual situation. If you already have another approved adsense account or an account whose PIN has been verified, you can choose to replace the existing adsense account. If you want to change your nationality or other operations, choose to renew Just register.

If you choose to re-register, then the details will not be introduced. You can check our previous articles. There should be instructions on how to register. If you change the existing adsense account, you will re-enter the new adsense account, and then it will be automatically redirected to the YouTube channel. , without manual intervention.

The point is, will it affect the profit after changing the adsense? Will profits be suspended when I change my adsense account? Will it be re-examined if I change my adsense account for profit? how long it takes.

The answer is that there is no need to wait to change the approved adsense account. As long as the change is successful, it will immediately become profitable without any impact.