Google adsense, play 2022 tax season is here!

Hi American Publishers: Happy Tax Season! We wanted to share this guide to help answer any questions you may have during tax season. It covers 1099, backup withholding, and managing tax information. This year, it’s easier than ever to check your taxes because you can find your tax documents in your AdSense account. Delivery options and status for year-end tax forms can be found in Settings → Manage Tax Information. You also have the option to go paperless for the upcoming tax season by choosing the online delivery option for your tax documents. For additional questions, see some of the Help Center articles below:

The following is a question from netizens

I’m a Kenyan youtube and recently got an error that my income was withheld when I submitted my tax information. I do not understand the documents or terms and whether I should submit this information or if there is a misunderstanding. I thought only US citizens needed to provide their tax information?

I am eligible for 1099 in 2021 but my Adsense account says I am ineligible and 1099 does not appear in my account. I have filled out the application 12 times and every time it says I am not eligible. I need my 1099 and I need to know that Google has filed my earnings with the IRS. please help!