google adsense/admob developer add payment method error reporting block: We are unable to complete this operation. Please contact us. [OR-BAIH-10][OR-BAACT-04]

Hello everyone, welcome to the AdSense encyclopedia , This article is mainly to solve the problem of Google’s various payment methods reporting errors

Since April 2021, the google business system (adsense, admob and developers) has reported errors in adding payment methods in a large area. Whether it is trying to change the browser and other environments, or changing different payment methods and card numbers, it cannot be solved. Still the same error. We were unable to complete this operation. Please contact us. [OR-BAIH-10][OR-BAACT-04] [OR-BAIH-10].

It is roughly similar to the above error codes. If you can’t solve it after racking your brains, you can contact us to solve it for a fee. Whether it is Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, etc., it can be solved within 1-2 working days without changing the card number, and it still supports binding pingpong or Ping Anying (p card).

AdSense Encyclopedia has now opened professional websites in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and other languages, which can solve various Google problems for friends in most countries.

If you have all kinds of headaches in google business, you can contact us.

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