FAQs on Rejected Monetization Application for YouTube Youtube Channel


Nowadays, the field of self-media going overseas is already booming, and many of our domestic video self-media to the platform of the tubing may be in a situation of acclimatization;

Many times, it is clear that your video content has tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of views in China, and Baijia, Douyin, Kuaishou, Station B, etc. in China are all in line with profit requirements.

When we came to YouTube, we managed to reach more than 1,000 followers and 4,000 hours of playback. At this time, we thought that everything was ready and that we would definitely be able to join the army of YouTube videos to earn dollars. . . Unexpectedly, we are often rejected by YouTube platforms for some inexplicable reasons. According to Xiaobian’s analysis, the reason why most of my friends are rejected is because of the application of Google adsense account . For various reasons, many people have made difficulties in opening the second step of google adsense registration in YouTube profit, or they have not given the account. Give the reason for rejection, and keep repeating this cycle; or it indicates that there may be an account.

Obviously a new user, I have never registered an adsense account , and this is the first time I use a Google account. Why does it keep prompting the question that there is already an adsense account ?

The content of the channel, which has been worked so hard, has not been given a monetization function.

Knock on the blackboard! If you are troubled by the above problems, you can contact the editor at any time. There are our contact information on the right and bottom of the website. The price of 800 yuan can help you solve your troubles, and Taobao transactions are safe and secure.

After our paid assistance, the second step is passed quickly. Then wait for the final review of the third step profit, as shown below:

The third step is to accept the final profit review. How long will it take to pass?

A: If your video content does not have copyright and other principle issues, it will basically be reviewed and approved within 48 hours, and most of them will be reviewed within 24 hours (the above data are historical real cases).

The following are some explanations from YouTube’s official website that video monetization has not passed, for reference only.

Why was my income-generating application rejected?

If your application is rejected, it means that human reviewers have determined that a significant portion of your channel’s content does not comply with policies and guidelines. For next steps, see other questions in this article.

Can I apply again?

Can. You can apply again 30 days after you receive an email about your application being rejected. Before applying again, you need to resolve some issues with your channel.

How can I make my application easier to accept?

We can’t promise that once you resolve the issue with your channel, you’ll be approved for monetization. However, you can refer to the general guidelines below to make your channel eligible for the program.

  1. Read the email about the application being rejected. The email lists the specific policies that the channel violates.
  2. Then, check your content (videos, titles, descriptions, thumbnails, and tags) against YouTube’s Monetization Policy and Community Guidelines .
  3. Next, edit or delete the video that violates YouTube’s policies

If you reapply for monetization, the review team will carefully review your content again and notify you via email when the process is complete (which takes about a month). You can also check the status of your application on the Earnings page .

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