After AdSense has passed the tax information submission, there is a hold item prompting to update the tax information every 2 days.

I have a business license as a self-employed person. Then I submitted my tax information and selected the W8BEN tax form. Then I chose the non-individual/entity, my information in the e-Tax website, the name is my name in Chinese characters, the address is also in Chinese characters. The name on the business license is a “” number, the organizer is my name in Chinese characters, and the business place is in Chinese characters. The business license business place and the electronic tax official website address are the same. Name official website is the name of the Chinese characters, the name on the license is “” number. And I submitted the information whether I submit my name in pinyin or “*” number are prompted to submit the information does not match the tax certificate, the address also does not match the tax certificate. The address is translated into English by Google, and my name is in Hanyu Pinyin, such as ZHANG SANFENG. But I have tried many, many times. It has been going on for more than a month. This problem is still not solved, each time is submitted in seconds, and then after 2 days there is a hold to let me update the tax information.