The latest W-8 BEN US tax form tax exemption tutorial/adsense/google play US area, port area, country area US tax information fill in

I wrote a very comprehensive US tax form filling tutorial in the previous article. Since the previous one is already in a semi-failed state, we will start from the topic today.

If you can’t find your friends who can’t even fill in the tax form, please read the previous article

Today’s tutorial will be the latest and final tutorial for adsense US tax information setup,

If you are an admob developer, your US tax information is the same as that of the adsense website publisher.

If you are a YouTube channel creator, 10% tax will be withheld on income from the US.

Go to the Manage Tax Information page, at the bottom right corner [Add Tax Information]

A page will pop up, we enter the password and continue. When you get to the following page, you usually choose an individual non-entity, non-US citizen and resident, and then the next step

Most individuals outside the United States are only suitable for filling out the W-8BEN tax form, we can choose this.

After the next step, enter the tax identity link, and the first choice is to confirm whether the name is accurate, because the documents consistent with the name must be submitted later.

Foreigner Tax Identification Number (TIN), we can actually fill in the Chinese ID number, and the actual measurement has no effect

If you do not fill in this, the tax exemption or preferential tax rate reduction cannot be achieved later, then the default will be 30%.

Next, the address, whether it is an American adsense account or a Hong Kong adsense account , we can directly select the Chinese address and fill it in truthfully.

As shown below:

In the address bar, you can only use pinyin to fill in, and Chinese characters cannot be entered.

After the next step, the tax treaty, do you want to apply for a reduced withholding tax rate under the tax treaty?

We want tax exemption, of course we need to apply, the choice is, as shown in the figure

After selecting (Yes), come out of the submenu, check the resident of the country/region that has signed a tax treaty with the United States,

And choose China, what are the special tax rates and conditions?

The first item (services, such as adsense) refers to publishers and developers who use websites or apps to generate revenue. Such groups can choose this directly.

The second category (film and TV copyright tax) refers to authors who generate income through YouTube YouTube channels. Please choose directly to the number. The minimum tax rate for such authors is 10%, which cannot be completely exempted.

The third item (other copyright taxes) generally refers to the revenue generated by the developers of the google play app store and YouTube channels, please also take your seat.

If you want to do it once and for all, you can check the three taxes at the same time and do it in one go.

The following muttering helps you to make a legend, please refer to it directly.

After the next step, confirm the preview form, as shown, and continue to the next step.

Activities and services performed in the United States and affidavits, which are signed “guarantees”, after we sign, submit

After submitting, a small window will pop up, “Missing documents”, which is actually to verify the identity information. This is a normalized process. We can upload our ID card image with the same name as the form.

Then submit the file and wait for review.

The submission process may be slow, we wait patiently for the system to buffer.

OK, the submission was successful, and verification is in progress. If it is submitted during domestic working hours in China, the review will be delayed to non-Chinese working hours because of the time difference between the United States and China.

Jump to the management tax information page, we patiently wait for the review, usually after 19:00, the review will be very fast.

If the identity information is approved, the tax information will be approved, otherwise, the reason for rejection will be notified by email. The following is what Xiaobian has personally verified.

If you can’t pass the review after repeated attempts, you can ask Xiaobian to pay for it. We are committed to helping our friends deal with all kinds of difficult problems within our ability.

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